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Leica BLK 360

INVISION-DS is a West Michigan based Lidar Scanning and “On-Site” Building Documentation service. We provide Digital Scanning, Virtual Tours, Photogrammetry, and “As-Built” documentation services to the design, construction, insurance, and real estate industries.


Our Technology

INVISION-DS We utilize a Leica BLK 360 Scanner and Matterport Technology to provide highly accurate reality scans of commercial and residential building interiors and exteriors. The camera creates Cloud Based sharable files. The photogrammetry file can be loaded onto a cloud/web-based share file accessible to any laptop or office computer, “bringing the building back to the office” for on screen “walk-through” and visual assessment.


LIDAR Scanning creates 360-degree imagery and point cloud data that can be utilized to extract on screen measurements that are accurate within 6mm at 10 meters. The “Point Cloud” data can also be exported and integrated into AutoCad, Revit, or any other BIM software.


We utilize the Leica BLK 360 Scanner for commercial buildings.


We use Matterport Pro2 3D for residential buildings.

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