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Digital Scanning

Point Cloud Technology

Field Verification

Construction Documentation


INVISION-DS is a West Michigan based Lidar Scanning and “On-Site” Building Documentation service. We provide Digital Scanning, Virtual Tours, Photogrammetry, and “As-Built” documentation services to the design, construction, insurance, and real estate industries. INVISION-DS We utilize a Leica BLK 360 Scanner and Matterport Technology to provide highly accurate reality scans of commercial and residential building interiors and exteriors. The camera creates Cloud Based sharable files. The photogrammetry file can be loaded onto a cloud/web-based share file accessible to any laptop or office computer, “bringing the building back to the office” for on screen “walk-through” and visual assessment.

Services for

Real Estate Professionals

INVISION-DS will utilize Matterport scanning technology to develop interactive walk-throughs of properties. These Virtual Walk Throughs can be utilized to increase potential sales. The scanner will create, 3D visuals, 2d photos, schematic floor plans. This technology is applicable to both the Commercial and Residential real estate markets.

Property Managers

INVISION-DS utilizes LIDAR scanning technology by creating “Point Cloud”. This data is gathered to efficiently document existing facilities, plan new additions and remodeling projects, capture accurate “on screen” measurements, and produce field verifications minimizing travel expenses. The “point cloud” data can be converted to Revit or AutoCad file format allowing the production of as built floor plans and elevations.

Architects and Contractors

INVISION-DS provides reality scanning for both interior and exterior building components. The scan data can be input into Revit or AutoCad files or BIM files allowing for the accurate creation of as-built record documents. Historical documentation is achieved with a high degree of accuracy without physically touching what is being measured. 3D laser scanning creates clear and precise digital records of existing conditions.

Insurance Adjustors

INVISION-DS can assist claims adjustors with comprehensive loss documentation including verifying contents and easily sharing this information, with estimators and consultants. Photo scanning allows the adjustor the ability to 360 Degree photo capture any loss including exact dimensions minimizing the potential to disturb or alter damages or measurements. This means spending less time creating inaccurate hand sketches, photographs, and arguing over the inaccurate description of line items. Our scanning services will assist in the timely assessment of properties, aid in developing accurate estimates, and ultimately getting policy holders’ life back in order.

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